Pet Insurance

5% discount Please note: 5% discount is applied upon plan enrollment

At Park City Animal Clinic, we recommend pet health insurance to nearly all our clients. It’s a great way to budget for pet health care costs and protect yourself financially in the case of an unexpected accident or illness. Pet health insurance provides peace of mind knowing you won’t face future vet bills alone. Coverage typically includes reimbursement for:

  • Emergency visits
  • Exams
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  • Surgery
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab tests
  • Hospitalization
  • X-rays

Pet insurance is different from human health insurance:

  • You pay your veterinarian up front
  • You’ll be reimbursed a percentage of your vet bill based on the details of your plan
  • You choose any licensed vet, including specialists and emergency clinics

We Recommend Pets Best Insurance
Once you’ve decided pet insurance is right for you, you’ll need to decide which provider to choose. We recommend Pets Best Insurance to our clients because of the excellent benefits they offer:

  • Plans from less than $1 per day
  • 80% of your actual vet bill reimbursed after a deductible*
  • No upper age limits
  • Routine care coverage available
  • No medical records required to enroll
  • Chronic and ongoing condition coverage
  • No enrollment or processing fees
  • Most claims processed within 5 business days
  • Fast direct deposit reimbursement

To visit the Pets Best Insurance website and receive a 5% discount on your policy, click the banner ad on this page.
Please note, we don’t accept any referral fees from Pets Best Insurance. We simply want you and your pet to have the best coverage available.

Of course, we are happy to treat your pet and help you with claim forms regardless of the pet insurance company you choose. Thank you for trusting us with your pet’s health!

*per incident limits apply

This material describes Pets Best Insurance plans in general terms. Eligible expenses and coverage may vary, depending on your plan selection. All pet insurance plans have limitations and exclusions. Information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, it is subject to change.

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Feedback from our clients

  • "I want to thank Dr Carl for being the most compassionate vet I know. You took care our dog in an emergency, making room in your schedule, that very moment when she needed the most, when no other Vet in PC would. We are also very happy to have you taking the same good care of our Dexter, a strong 4 years old American Bulldog in such friendly way. Thank you for you being so great in what you do!"
  • "Dr. Prior's energy, skill and compassion have given each of our dogs a greater quality of life."
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for all your help today, not only for the help you provided Dozer but also for the help that you didn't have to provide for us. You are amazing people. I wish there were more people like you in the world. If not for you and the help you gave Dozer this would have turned out to be a totaly diffrent and very sad day for me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU ARE TRUELY AMAZING PEOPLE!"